I’m Sandy Kaiser-Blume aka fhyren.

I work as an art director full-time – privately as a passionate manga artist. Because Japanese culture, manga and anime have inspired and shaped me since my childhood.

I see fantasy as very valuable, as it allows us to dream and recharge our batteries. And with the help of drawing (no matter if beginner or professional!) you can make it visible for others.

That’s why my principle is also:

Enjoy your fantasy. No one can take it away from you. 

Q & A

Does your artist name have a meaning?

The name fhyren (English pronunciation) is a made-up word. It developed during my MMORPG phase around 2007, when I played a lot of Lineage II and one of my characters was called Fhyren. I really liked the name, which is why I adopted it.

Today, as a manga artist within the manga community, I identify very strongly with it.

How would you describe your character?

Since my childhood, I’ve been a very curious and bright personality. I didn’t necessarily fit the classic girl image with barbies, dolls, ponies and princess. I prefered playing with action figures, dinosaurs, Matchbox cars or Lego. Today I would describe myself as a well-balanced, cheerful person with a positive attitude towards life, who likes to cut his teeth sometimes on something apparently insurmountable. I live freely according to the motto: There’re joys and sorrows, but the most important thing is not to stop in between.

Looking back, I’m very happy to have grown up in the 90s. You got to experience a certain leap to the digital age. I think for younger generations, this transition wasn’t quite as intense and exciting. Besides PCs, mobile phones and so on, just think of the very first Gameboy with Tetrix. Or the old Sega console with the game Alex Kidd. Oh how I loved it! Of course, these games can’t compete with today’s high-res 3D games, but they definitely had just as much charm and addictive potential! 😀

When is your birthday?

My birthday is 12.10.1989. 🍂

I’m therefore an autumn child and of the star sign Libra.

What did you learn professionally?

I studied at the Hochschule Wismar to become a graduate designer in the field of communication design and media and successfully completed it. Today I work as an art director in a full-service advertising agency.

Drawing has always been my hobby and I taught myself how to do it.

How long have you been drawing?

Drawing skills comparison 2003 to 2016

Roughly speaking, I’ve been drawing since 2000. The first pictures were very simple. Classic figures with simple clothes, very big eyes, out of proportion, normal perspective and charmingly omitted backgrounds. 😄 I think crayons were my favourite medium back then.
Little by little I ventured into narrative artworks with the beginnings of backgrounds. In the meantime, I also had a very strong Dragonball flash and drew an incredible number of portraits from the mangas or from anime episodes recorded and paused on video cassette. 😄

Around 2007 I moved away from the manga style a bit and concentrated more on realistic portrait drawing, which soon turned into several commissions. You can see some of them in my gallery pencil portraits. I feel that by drawing accurate portraits from photographs I’ve trained my eye and made it more sensitive to proportions.

I would note a big personal leap in 2013. That was also the time when I used Copic Markers for the first time and received high-quality coloured pencils as a gift from friends. I was impressed by manga, like Bakuman, and incredibly dynamic anime, like Attack on Titan or Sword Art Online. The desire was awakened in me to transfer exactly such dynamics and intensity to my artworks. 💪

Who are your role models?

Adachitoka (e. g. Noragami)
Takeshi Obata (e. g. Bakuman)
Kotaro Yamada (u. a. The Sacred Blacksmith)
Reyhan Yildirim (e. g. Fable Clash, Website)
Anna Juloski (Instagram)
Ross Draws (Website)
Gin and Ban Zarbo (e. g. Kamo and Undead Messiah, Instagram Gin, Instagram Ban)

For me, it’s all about details and expressiveness, but also about interesting storylines in manga. I also prefer mangas in which the drawing style looks adult, i. e. the protagonists don’t look childish. I don’t care whether the mangaka is German or Japanese.

However, I always have a small weakness for German mangas, of which I own almost all, because I feel closer to them to a certain extent and would like to support them in what they do. In the end, however, I always have to be convinced by the drawing style and the story. ❤

Do you have other hobbies besides drawing?

– Console and PC games (any game genre)
– Baking (especially pralines)
– Planning trips in detail
– Tidying up (No joke. I love tidying up.)
– Animating (I’m not good at it yet, but I keep trying a bit).


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